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Offer the eMotion Tech products and services represent a sign of quality
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Why become an eMotion Tech reseller?

Created in 2012, eMotion Tech is the first French 3D printers kit manufacturer. We are composed by a complete multidisciplinary team, and are the only ones in France to master the whole conception and production of our machines from the logistic to the development (electronic, mechanical, software) and so, guarrantee a relevant and adapted support and technical advices, but also the continuity of the development and update of our machines.
Offer the eMotion Tech printers is a guarrantee of conception and manufacturing quality.


FRENCH Manufacturing and quality

Requirement of the "à la française" quality! The eMotion Tech 3D printers are entirely conceived in France by ourselves in Toulouse, the returns to workshop have to be made at the same address and are managed by our technical staff.


A win-win partnership

We work on stock with our resellers, imposing a minimum order quantity, but also guarrantee an attractive sales margin on the consummables, spare parts, and more particularly on the printers.

Our workshop, based in France, allow us to ship orders on the whole Europe from 24h to one week depending on the volume of the orders. The transport costs and delays are limited, that reduces the pledged current cash.


Support and services

eMotion Tech guides you in the management of your after-sales services and the support to customers.
Our commercial staff is at your disposal and can offer you specific trainings within our production site in a convivial and professional spirit.
Communication tools, pictures, manuals, flyers, are proposed to enrich your ads and enhance your store.

Feel free to ask for informations about how to become an eMotion Tech reseller, send your request to