Strateo3D DUAL600 printer

The professional large volume 3D printer
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From 14 900€ exc. VAT


A large printing volume
Provided with a 600 mm X 420 mm X 500 mm printing surface, it can welcome your scale projects.

A powerfull and hyper-connected machine
Provided with a colaborative production host (Core I5), Strateo3D DUAL600 integrates the slicing and a live remote monitoring system.

A large range of materials
Its thermo-regulated athmosphere enables the use of standard materials as well as more technical ones.

Made in France by eMotion Tech
Since 2012, we design and manufacture, strictly in-house, machines that are CE labelled and guaranteed for 1 year.



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  • Strateo3D DUAL600 is an industrial 3D printer based on the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology. This one offers a large range of printable polymers that can meet the needs of the user, with an unrivalled robustness and reliability.
  • For lifesize scale prototyping needs, or for mass production needs, Strateo3D DUAL600 propose an unequaled working surface in this range of price. Its fix  600 x 420 x 500mm bed allows the printing of complex and bulky parts in record time.
  • For your complex parts, the dual extrusion is particularly usefull to print solvable support materials: Strateo3D DUAL600 has no limits.
  • Thermoregulated room for technical materials with high retractation.

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Reliable and ergonomic


  • An industrial tolerance and repeatability, unequaled on desktop machines ISO2768-mK.
  • Intelligent and modular tool with automatic detection, giving more flexibility in the use of your machine.
  • Ceramic glass fix bed that guarrantee a perfect flatness.
  • Stratocontrol3D: the dedicated interface provided with your machine.
  • USB, Wifi, Ethernet.


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Versatile & SECURED

  • Low material cost
  • Large range of standard and technical polymers
  • Strateo3D DUAL600 is an open machine that allows the use of non proprietary materials
  • Versatile and intelligent tool combining fineness and speed, nozzles from 0,4 up to 1,2mm
  • Standard filtration system that removes up to 99.95% of 0.3 microns particles, with a 40 m3/h air flow
  • Industrial filtration system (optional) that removes up to 99.997% of 0.3 microns particles, with a 150 m3/h air flow



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SizeHight 850mm, Length 950mm, Depth 720mm
Printing volume600 * 420 * 500 mm (126 liters)
Polymere typesEvery 1,75mm non propietary polymere available: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, HIPS, PVA, BVOH, PA, PC, ASA, Acetate...
Extrusion2 extruders, bi-material, bi-coulour
Nozzles diameter0,4 to 1,2mm
Extrusion temperature (Standard/High Temp)300°C/400°C
Chamber temperature60°C thermo regulated
XY robot accuracy (mm)5µm
Z robot accuracy (mm)0,8µm
FiltrationHEPA filtrtion + active carbon
FirmwareStratocontrol3D developed by eMotion Tech: multi user management, gcode conversion integrated to the machine
Layer thickness0,1mm to 1mm

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