MicroDelta Rework Plug & Play 3D printer

The made in France MicroDelta Rework 3D printer
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Professional quality, ease of a toy... FINALLY!

Based on our 7 years experience in 3D printer development, the eMotion Tech company is proud to introduce its latest creation, the MicroDelta Rework, in a plug & play version.
Launched in 2017, this 3D printer has already proved itself in the opinion of aficionados, and is today known for its robustness, reliability and quality of its prints.
We propose now this plug & play version, for you to enjoy its performances, quickly after having received it.
Compatible with every modelling and design softwares, the MicroDelta Rework prints with every standard 1,75mm filaments.

This plug & play version includes the add-ons:

  • Heatbed
  • LCD controller with SD slot


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Also available in kit version.

The MicroDelta Rework is an ideal printer for education

The MicroDelta Rework find its place in every school, associations, learning and sharing places: its original cinematic is perfect to arouse the curiosity of students, and its open frame is ideal for easily study its functionning.
Built with different classic components used in robotics: motor drivers, nema motors, timing belts, pulleys, etc ...

A 3D printer for hobbyists

May you be passionate about modelism, drones or robotic, the MicroDelta Rework is the perfect tool to help you along your passion, and to sublime your creations.
Ideal to create unique models or to upgrade existing parts, the printing quality of the MicroDelta Rework will be usefull to print outstanding parts to decorate, complete or build from scratch your models.
Leaving an open door to your crazyest designs, the quality of the MicroDelta Rework's printings will be an asset to create awesome models.


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Various materials


The MicroDelta Rework is provided with a heatbed to enable the use of every filaments on the market:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • G-Fil
  • G-Carbon
  • eMotion Flex

Every material including a composite charge

Discover all our materials

A conception without concession

A robust steel and aluminium frame to limit vibrations for a higher printing quality, the MicroDelta Rework is a machine entirely developed in France, from the electronic to the mechanic parts. Machining, folding, injection, a customised 32 bits electronic board, for a fast and accurate printing.

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DimensionsHight 530mm, Length 261mm, Depth 285mm
Printing volume150mm diametre for 200mm hight
Layer thickness100 to 350 microns
Compatible filamentsdiameter 1.75mm, PLA, ABS, G-fil, M-fil, Flex
HeatbedUp to 110°C
Supported OSMac OS, Windows, Linux

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