PC ABS 1.75mm Noir 500g

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  • PC ABS 1.75mm Noir 500g
PC ABS 1.75mm Noir 500g
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PC-ABS is an incredibly strong filament with an even higher impact resistance than our regular ABS. This is a consequence of the addition of the proper amount of polycarbonate in this modification, which also creates a nearly perfect interlayer adhesion and a beautiful surface gloss. The above features, combined with a highly stable printing process makes PC-ABS the perfect material for mechanical parts and tools, which should be light and strong and show minimal wear after prolonged use.

PC-ABS features:

  • Improved interlayer adhesion
  • High impact resistance
  • High surface gloss
  • Stable printing process

Physical properties
Description Testmethod Typical value
Specific gravity ASTM D792 1,05 g/cc
MFR 220˚C/5 kg ISO 1183 0,47 gr/10 min
Tensile strength ISO 527 37,2 Mpa
Strain at break ISO 527 14%
Tensile modulus ISO 527 1820 Mpa
Impact strength - Charpy 23˚C ISO 179 25,5 kJ/m²

Thermal properties
Description Testmethod Typical value
printing temp. eM-T 270±10˚C
melting temp. ISO 294 250±10˚C
Heat deflection temp. ISO 306 108˚C

Additional info:

Recommended temperature for heated bed is +100˚C. We recommend kapton and / or pva glue stick for adhesion.
PC-ABS can be used on all common desktop FDM or FFF technology 3D printers.


Cool and dry (15-25˚C) and away from UV light. This enhances the shelf life significantly.