Dimafix Spray

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  • Dimafix Spray
Dimafix spray 400ml
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Dimafix is a spraymade for FFF technology 3D printers with heatbed.

- It offers an excellent adhesion between the polymere and the glass bed, warping is no longer an issue, even with large ABS printed parts..
- Efficient with every kind of polymere
- The adhesion property is activated when the bed temperature is over 50°C
- When the bed temperature decrease (40 to 50°C), the adhesion effect disapear and the printed part can be taken off easily
- It is soluble, so it's easy to clean with clear whater
- It has a long lifetime (more than 100 times).

Once the printing process is over, and the bed temperature decrease (under 50°C), the printed part can be taken off from the bed easily, without using any tool that could damage the print.