Single extrusion tool for Strateo3D IDEX420

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  • Single extrusion tool for Strateo3D IDEX420
  • Single extrusion tool for Strateo3D IDEX420
Single extrusion tool for Strateo3D IDEX420.

This tool should be completed with hotends available separately
This product benefits from a preferential rate and cannot be subject to any additional one-off or permanent reduction in its price.
420,00 € VAT inc.
350,00 € VAT exc.Eco-participation : 0,10 € VAT inc.
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Mounted on Strateo3D IDEX420, this smart removable single extrusion tool, enables the bi-material printing, thanks to the 2 independant tools and 2 independant extruders of the machine.
As the 2 tools of the machine are the same, it can be mounted on the right side, as well as on the left side of the machine.

The tool includes:
- 1 extruder with its stepper motors
- effective Peltier cooling system coupled with a fan
- 1 fan dedicated to the cooling of the printed part
- electronic board that enables the setting and recognition of the tool and its calibration settings by the machine
- magnetic mounting system of the tool on the carriage of the machine

CAUTION : Hotends sold separately. Customize your tool depending on your needs by chosing the standard hotends or the hotends with hardened steel nozzle.